Hashim Deshishku, President of the AWPK Board

LESNA Company

Lesna started its activity in the ‘80s, as a regional branch of the Slovenian company “Lesna”. In the ‘90s it became a privately-owned enterprise. Its main activities are production, trade, construction and investments. Under its production department, Lesna produces wooden doors and windows. The “Lesna Mobile” sells furniture for houses, kitchens, and offices.


Sheqer Ukaj, Vice-President of the AWPK Board

ELNOR Company

The company started as a family business, building on the long family tradition in woodwork since 1916. In 2002, the company began mass production of doors, chairs, and tables. Ever since, Elnor has become a recognized brand and has grown constantly under a modern management and implementation of quality standards. Elnor is a brand name in production of chairs, tables, interior doors, and engineered wood flooring. Its products are sold in Kosovo and exported.


Avdi Haziri, Vice-President of the AWPK Board

Mobileria e Kosovës

The company was established in 2000, a partnership between two Kosovo and one Turkish partners. Initially, the company productions focused mainly on kitchen cabinets, office furniture and restaurant interior elements. In 2003, the current owner, Avdi Haziri, bought the assets and became the sole owner, at the same time expanding the production line and upgrading the technology.


Afrim Brovina


The company was established in the late ‘20s, following earlier tradition in the family. Nowadays, Brovina is one of the most modern wood processing companies in Kosovo, producing doors, armor doors, windows, stairs, kitchen cabinets, and other custom-made wooden items, using modern technology of international standards.


Argurjan Hoti

HOTI Company

The company was founded in 1935. This company is specialized in design and individual interior wood works, combining wood with other materials. HOTI Company manufactures parts for doors, windows, and tables for other industries and products, as well as decorative wooden parts for walls and ceilings. It is a characteristic of this company to produce unique designs with a special attention to detail versus mass or serial production.


Besim Beselica


Iliria started as a smaller company, initially producing only wooden windows, doors, and flooring. In 2002, it grew and switched to the current production line, which includes kitchen cabinets, and other interior design elements, primarily sold in Kosovo. The company also distributes manufacturing materials from world renown companies.


Nexhmedin Sadiku


The company was founded in 1995, initially as producer of wooden doors and windows. After 1999, the company changed to production of outdoor playground equipment for children from 3 to 12 years old, adding outdoor children’s playgrounds and street furniture shortly after. The production further expanded to include outdoor wooden solutions for restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls, schools and kindergartens.


Nuredin Limani


Limani LLC was initially founded in 1959 in Raincë/Preshevë by Zeqirja Limani. From 1976 to 2002 the company dealt with furniture trading. In 2002 the company restarted production and still operates that way. The main activity of Limani LLC is the production of custom-made kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bedrooms, children rooms, computer desks, office furniture, interior elements etc. Limani also sells furniture from other producers, re-production materials, and offers services to other producers.


Sali Shkupolli


The company started in 1984 in Mitrovica, initially with the production of copper souvenirs that were sold through various channels. In 1994, the company invested in expanding its production and introduced interior elements and furniture, wood coloring and processing. Currently, the company operates from the Industrial Area in Prishtina.


Dardan Zeqiraj

Plus Furniture

The company was founded in 2008.This company produces furniture accessories, and paint and varnish for wood. The company specializes in wood finishing materials and equipment, thus helping improve better quality of furniture in Kosovo.



Str. Nëna Terezë, 20, building of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce
Pristina 10000
Republic of Kosovo
Mob: +377(0)44 122 697