Kosovo wood processing industry now has one single online address – this web portal. Here you can find out about the range of furniture, wooden elements, interior design elements, construction materials that are currently produced in Kosovo, export and import rules and regulations, business environment in general, and business events.

The database of producers and interior designers offers detailed information on products, solutions, processes and capacities of the companies. Navigate to find a reliable business partner or supplier in Kosovo. Most companies have an online presence where you can check out designs, quality certifications, and the solutions they offer.



Wood processing companies in Kosovo have a long experience in what they do, which to make the designs of your dreams come true.

Whether you are a private customer looking for a tailored bedroom design or a large company willing to place an order for 4 dining hall designs including realization, you will find that Kosovo has a lot to offer: quality designs, meticulous realization, timely deliveries, and, above all, passion. A passion that has been transmitted and cultivated for generations, idea after idea, success after success.

If these elements are what you are looking for, then Kosovo is the place you should come looking for your next piece of furniture or your new business partner. The local wood processing industry has a wide range of products that will certainly meet your requests, as demanding as they may be. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, stairs, outdoor designs, and commercial layouts are only a few of the products our industry has to offer.