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Company name
Gacaferi Mobilje
Legal status
Individual Business
Activity type
Wood-Based MDF / Veneer
Size of company
Small (Less-than 50 employees)
Founded year

Contact info

Contact Person
Naim Gacaferi
+381 39 433 657; +377 44 501 626
Fusha e Pejës pn, Pejë/Peć
: Furniture
: Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Kitchen furniture
: Wood in construction
: Stairs

Brief History

The Gacaferi Company began its operations in the town of Peja, in a small handicraft workshop for the local market. The staple of this workshop, run by Mehmet Gacaferi, was the construction of wooden staircases. Gacaferi launched its kitchen production line in 2000, and by now it has established exclusive partnerships with some of the most prestigious Italian furniture manufacturers, achieving immediate success thanks to the elegance of its products, fast deliveries and reasonable prices. The Company’s production capacity reaches about 20 kitchens per day, of different models and designs. All kitchens are manufactured with materials and accessories imported from Italy and Austria, built up to European standards. Gacaferi operates two production lines, one employed for sales in Kosovo and exports to the region, while the other line, which accounts for the bulk of its production, is employed only for exports to Switzerland and other European countries.