Brief History

Brief History of the Kosovo Wood Processing Industry

With more than 465,000 hectares of forest area, 33.5 million m3 standing volume and tradition in quality window and door production, wood processing in Kosovo has what it takes to be a dynamic and attractive industrial sector.

Around 1,480 private companies operate in the sector, 400 of which were registered only between 2010 and 2013. Manufacturing of furniture and kitchens is the largest activity and also the most popular among the new entrants. Another 40% of the companies produce builder’s carpentry and joinery. The abundance of inputs provides numerous investment possibilities in every part of the market chain of wood processing. Broadleaf trees – like beech and oak - cover almost the whole area of forests in Kosovo and the soil is rich in nutrients and provides good conditions for growth of natural plants and trees. The annual allowable amount of feeling is slightly below 1 million m3. Kosovo is the primary market of wood processing but a number of companies are already selling products in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.