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Wood processing companies from Kosovo participate in the International Construction Fair "SWISS BAU 2024", Basel in Switzerland

Twelve woodworking companies will represent a wide range of Kosovo products and designs at the International Construction Fair SWISS BAU 2024.

The twelve Kosovo companies that participate in the fair are - ALBED, ANSEL, ELNOR FURNITURE, EMSA, HOTI EXCLUZIVE, LESNA, LINE GROUP with its companies NERO HOME and FASAL, MAXX QERAMIKA, PROMOBI L.L.C and VATER 1954 - have composed an impressive line of the products that will be exhibited in the Kosovo pavilion for businesses and interested customers in Switzerland and beyond. These products range from doors and windows, to kitchen and bedroom furniture, tables and chairs, bathroom furniture, partition doors, shelves and other products for open spaces. The participation of Kosovo companies in the SWISS BAU 2024 International Fair was facilitated by the Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo (SHPDK), for the first time in 2010. Since 2012, SHPDK has continuously organized groups for exposure at this fair. "Our members see Switzerland as a very attractive and profitable market for their products," says Arieta Vula-Pozhegu, SHPDK's Executive Director. "Our participation in this fair is a great opportunity for individual companies and for the entire wood industry of Kosovo to expand their market in Switzerland and other countries and increase sales. The participation of Kosovar producers in international fairs of this scale and importance has always resulted in success stories. The excellent representation of our companies proves the quality and innovation of the products produced in Kosovo. We are ready to share our expertise and create new business connections. After this successful experience, we hope that many new cooperation opportunities and contracts will result, which will strengthen our position in international markets. This will result in an increase in export, contributing to the development of the industry and increasing the image of Kosovo as an innovative and competitive state," says Arieta Vula-Pozhegu, Executive Director of the Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo. SHPDK, in cooperation with MINT agency KIESA and with the support of GIZ-EP and PPSE, enabled the realization of this activity, which is the participation of 12 manufacturing companies from Kosovo in the most important fair in the construction sector, Swiss Bau 2024, which is held in Basel Switzerland from 16-19 January 2024.