The Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo (SHPDK) unites all wood industry businesses, promotes their interests and expands the horizons of the industry.

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Sixth Wood Industry Convention

The sixth Wood Industry Convention is an important event that presents and promotes the development of the wood sector in Kosovo and beyond. The event, which is scheduled to take place on November 30, 2023, is part of a national design competition aimed at fostering creativity and innovation in the field of wood product design. This event will include second-level business meetings (B2B) and will provide an excellent platform for local and international wood industry companies to talk, collaborate and develop new business relationships. The date of the event is November 30, 2023.

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Swiss Bau trade Fair 16-19 January 2024

Twelve woodworking companies will represent a wide range of Kosovar products and designs at the International Construction Fair SWISS BAU 2024. The twelve Kosovar companies participating in the fair are – ALBED, ANSEL, ELNOR FURNITURE, EMSA, HOTI EXCLUSIVE , LESNA, LINE GROUP with its companies NERO HOME and FASAL, MAXX QERAMIKA, PROMOBI L.L.C and VATER 1954 – have composed an impressive line of products that will be exhibited in the Kosovo pavilion for businesses and interested customers in Switzerland and beyond.

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Student Design Competition 2023

The sixth edition of the student design competition is an exceptional platform that supports and welcomes students in the field of architecture, interior design, integrated design and wood technology in Kosovo. This event offers a unique opportunity for students to show their creativity and develop innovative projects related to woodworking. Enrolled students are invited to explore the challenges and opportunities of using wood in new and innovative ways. This competition aims to encourage the invention and design of new products, focusing on innovation, design and their market launch potential.

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